Incredible Planning Statements

Incredible Planning Statements

ChiCycle’s Latest Project Is Out Of This World !

ChiCycle will be opening a far-sighted and self financed 6,783 mile cycle-route of unprecedented length and scope in early Spring 2021! We advise cyclists joining the route to bring earbuds and a portable listening devices loaded with suitable music. Our recommended playlist includes Claude Debussy’s-Clair De Lune, Beethoven’s-Moonlight Sonata, Billie Holiday-Blue Moon, Bing Crosby-Moonlight Becomes You, Frank Sinatra-Moon River, Ella Fitzgerald-How High The Moon, Astrud Gilberto-Fly me to the Moon, Van Morrison’s-Moondance, Moon Shadow by Mike Oldfield + Maggie Reilly & Cat Stevens, Dancing in the Moonlight by Toploader & Thin Lizzy, Eclipse-Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon and Radiohead’s-A Moon Shaped Pool.

 Sarah's been thinking big!

You may already have guessed from our recommended tunes that ChiCycle will  install the very first lunar cycleway next year! The scheme is destined to circumnavigate the moon with a path along it’s equator! We are concurrently planning a complimentary Phase 2 circumpolar lunar shared use route which will herald the start of the galaxy’s first ever extraterrestrial walking and cycling network scheduled to open early 2022.

Sarah Sharp expressed delight that such a significant length of walking and cycling infrastructure will  become available soon but said, “Although this is a great scheme, I am concerned it will not address the needs of many cyclists. Half of the route traverses the dark side of the moon which will imped the uptake of e-bikes requiring solar charging. There remain several other unresolved issues like, limited access for low income families, how people will breath during active travel and the complete lack of adequate bike stand availability”.

Philip Maber is currently grappling with the necessary program coding we will employ to extend the capabilities of Google Earth. This will allow a new ChiCycle phone-app to be downloaded that will meet both pedestrian and cyclist’s navigational needs on earths nearest astronomical body.

Lets take this exciting moment in ChiCycle’s history to consider some equally incredible projects closer to home.


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