BICYCURE : an update of Ray Burridge’s GEMARA Locking Cycle Stand

BICYCURE : an update of Ray Burridge’s GEMARA Locking Cycle Stand

In June 2021 we published details of Ray Burridge’s GEMARA bike security system. Ray has now developed, modernised and refined his original ideas to create the new BICYCURE security system. BICYCURE is ready to STOP Cycle Theft wherever it is installed and Ray is discussing how to roll out his solution with a number of local authorities including Chichester District Council.

Ray’s concept for securely locking bikes is elegantly simple. A series of raised steel posts are set into a concrete base. Substantial metal bars can locked between pairs of these upright pillars preventing removal of bicycles. The new addition is that the locking and unlocking system is now electronically controlled by a mobile phone application. This allows cyclists to pay a small subscription so they can leave their bikes securely without needing to carry their own bike locks around with them.

In email discussions with the ChiCycle team, Ray has sent us images of what his system looks like.

The ChiCycle team emailed Ray with many questions about his new BICYCURE system. We wanted to know if it is really as bullet-proof as he believes! Ray has done his best to answer all our questions in the following text…

As mentioned in correspondence, no bikes were stolen in a 20 year period, nor any sign that the bars, or indeed the whole apparatus, was attacked, even though we were using coin-return locks, and vulnerable to attack. There were over 30 installations around the Country, and I would make routine checks, physically, or by phone to check on their welfare.

Whether by luck, or judgement, NO wheels, or parts were taken although the opportunity was there, with no CCTV, or alarms. I was a Policeman in 1980 when this concept was invented, and later Patented. I left the Police, and produced the first successful products in 1986. Success built on success, until massive orders were our downfall due to what was called ‘overtrading’. The units kept up their success until all the keys were eventually lost.

The Stainless Steel used was 316 standard, and 32mm thick, and was deemed to be the best to beat orthodox tools at the time. However, having regard to portable Angle Grinders I have been in touch with the BSSA (the British Stainless Steel Association), who have advised me on the latest, and best metal to use. For all you metallurgists out there, we are looking into the 400 series, and additionally, upgrading to a 35mm bar.

FRONT WHEEL [concerns people may steal expensive front wheels from parked bikes]
I never encountered a problem with Wheel Theft, either in the Police, or in life generally, though I am sure it exists. However, the tapered gully for the wheels has now been redesigned to slope making removal of the front wheel much more difficult. If you look at the configuration of the back wheel when locked up then you will be there hours just THINKING how to steal it. The pedals are butted up against the pillars.

If all fails, there is a 12v Alarm, a non-“bloody nuisance” type that is rather discerning at to what an “attack” really means, and not set off accidentally. I will leave that as read.

The whole manufacturing procedure has been done from my own experience of 43 years with this product, with the philosophy that the Product should be successful, and THAT begats financial success. The Locksmith has over 60 years experience. CyclingUK have helped re. types of Bikes, convenience of use etc. (takes about 5 secs to lock/unlock).

In addition, the workings inside each upright have been designed by a Master Locksmith said to be the best in the UK by his peers, and has designed the Phone App mechanism especially for BICYCURE Ltd, and, as a personal friend, is looking for any improvements that may be advantageous. Needless to say, he also designed the alarm system.

As far as the ‘Cost’ is concerned, it takes into account what a youngster can afford, and 2p a day for SECURITY beats buying TWO of the ubiquitous D-clamps that the Police advise though the Police are hardly experienced in preventing, or detecting Cycle Thefts! The buyer (Council) starts to recuperate their outlay immediately from Apps downloaded.

My concern is to make the BICYCURE product the best solution for cyclists of all ages.

Additional details about the development and implementation of the system were also provided by Ray as follows…

BICYCURE Ltd is installed with a base inside a concrete raft ergo necessitating digging a hole to accommodate a “rack” for 10 bikes. Once the site is made good, presumably by tarmac, or paving, the actual space it takes up is the same space of 10 bikes, with only 11 upright pillars showing within the public pedestrian area.

I have attached the Intellectual Property drawings (these are shown at the start of this post) to illustrate how well they fit into the Environment, and can be supplied in any colour, and Council Logos on each pillar.

You might be aware of the ORIGINAL coin-slot model being on a video displayed on the ChiCycles website, that had successfully stopped Cycle Thefts for 20 years, with no damage, either by vandalism, or age.

The whole concept regarding BICYCURE is that it STOPPED CYCLE theft by using a very simple idea, whilst not using any energy, and, if anything, ADDING a simple style to the Environment. It is used by a Phone App lock powered by 2 x AA batteries, so is very low maintenance. It was described by a Daily Mail article as ‘beautifully simple, simply beautiful!’…name-dropping from 1984 still valid??

It is envisaged, in discussion with interested Local Authorities, and CyclingUK, that the downloads for the Phone App would cost the Cyclist £10 a year, or roughly 2p a day..for CYCLE SECURITY, so a win-win situation all round.

The problem for the Company is simply Finance. The Product is ready, and I am in discussion with certain interests, but, meanwhile, I am looking at the feasible idea of both Securing AND CHARGING Electric Bikes, another problem hopefully to be solved in time!

I hope this covers what the BICYCURE Ltd Product does, but should you need any further details then please contact me.

Kind regards,

Ray Burridge

ChiCycle believe this is a very appealing system for people wanting to easily ride into town on a bike with maximum ease. Bike theft is a real nuisance and more people will leave their cars behind if they know the theft of their bikes is near impossible.

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