Planning Objection to 22/01485/OUTEIA

Planning Objection to 22/01485/OUTEIA

West of Chichester development Phase 2 plans 22/01485/OUTEIA intend to move the uncontrolled crossing at the Southern end of Sherborne Rd even closer to the A259 Collage Roundabout.

Traffic approaching the crossing from the A259 going past the Tesco superstore, will have virtually no visibility of the crossing until a few metres from hitting pedestrians and cyclists.

ChiCycle are submitting this document to CDC planning in objection

The image below shows a clip from the current planning document showing the crossing on the blind limb of the college roundabout.

blind crossing from drawing JUB_SR_DR_C_001 Rev P13
Blind crossing from drawing No JUB_SR_DR_C_001 Rev P13

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