The ChEmRoute project now has its own ChEmRouteVision website!

ChEmRouteVision is an alternative approach to providing walking and cycling provision from the Highways England NMU proposals for the A259. Rather than force cyclists to ride on the pavements allowing heavier motor vehicle traffic to flow through the Harbour Villages, the ChEmRouteVision aims to take a Dutch style perspective at routing heavy through traffic away from population centres. This approach will not only enable safe and convenient walking and cycling between Chichester and Emsworth but it will also enable the existing village centres to develop into lively and welcoming community hubs. The ChEmRouteVision website has only just gone live on Sunday the 18th October 2020 and it is sure to be updated with even more information about walking and cycling to the West of Chichester in the near future.

A pdf format document is also available on this link, outlining the ideas contained within the ChEmRouteVision.


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