Objections to Planning Application 22/01485/OUTEIA

Objections to Planning Application 22/01485/OUTEIA

There are many problems with the proposals for the West of Chichester Development Southern Access Road (SAR) and the 2nd phase of development. Too many issues for ChiCycle to send in one objection letter to the planning authorities.

For this reason, ChiCycle will send a series of objection letters, with each one covering a specific issue/topics concerning lack of opportunities for walking and cycling.

  1. Objection on grounds that the Transport Assessment makes misleading claims about the quality of proposed transport infrastructure. It also exaggerates the scheme’s potential to stimulate modal shift towards sustainable travel. PDF link here (this ChiCycle objection mirrors  concerns raised later by National Highways here)
  2. ChiCycle object on grounds that the proposed parallel crossings fail to follow appropriate guidance from the DFT Traffic Signs Manual. PDF link here
  3. ChiCycle object on grounds that the proposed uncontrolled pedestrian and cycle crossing sited between Westgate and the A259 College Roundabout, will have inadequate visibility according to DFT Traffic Signs Manual (TSM) and LTN1/20. PDF link here

This post will be updated as more of our objections are submitted.

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