Florence Park Pop-Up Music Event Sunday 14th August

Florence Park Pop-Up Music Event Sunday 14th August

Walk, cycle or hop on the bus to the Florence Park Pop-Up Music Event on Sunday 14th August 2:00pm to 4:00pm

This will be ChiCycle’s third 2022 summer Pop-Up Music in the Park event.

Bring a blanket and a picnic for a family friendly free summer mini music festival in the park.


Rocco is a young fresh face who is making a name for himself on the Chichester music scene.

He gave a great performance at the Whyke Ampitheatre event on June 12th, but ChiCycle failed to get the best possible sound for Rocco’s vocals. However, he performed with us again when we ran our 2nd stage at the Woolstock Festival. We worked together with Chris Penycate (ChiCycle’s sound engineer) to improved the vocal clarity for the audience.

Rocco at the Whyke Pop-Up Event


A popular 4 piece band from sunny Bognor seaside. An upbeat summer sound.


Michael Fry

Michael is a very active musician in and around Chichester so likely people in the audience will already know some of his material. Local environmentalists will enjoy  PLASTIC NO by Michael J Fry & The Plastic NoNo Band.


Cheryl Craven

Cheryl describes her act as, girl and her guitar – renditions of old classics and a home grown tunes. Also part of a country trio called Silver Threads with Ian Robinson and Wally Ball.

Cheryl Craven

How to find Florence Park in Chichester?

Florence park is to the Western side of Florence Road, Chichester, Westhampnett, Chichester, West Sussex, England, PO19 7PY, United Kingdom

If you have a GPS capable device you may locate Florence park at Latitude 50.83496, Longitude -0.76183 or at OS Grid Ref: SU 87253 04667

Map location of Florence Park

5 thoughts on “Florence Park Pop-Up Music Event Sunday 14th August

  1. Find it difficult to understand how there’s a move to improve sound quality within our city especially with those horrible motorists and rebellious motorcyclists being ever so anti social yet it’s ok to have music in Florence park outside my house. Trust consent and entertainment licence is in place from CDC or WSCC. Not being a killjoy as I am also a guitarist, a keen musician, and advocate for local talent, but I just cannot abide double standards. When you (Sarah Sharpe) start campaigning to enforce the largely ignored 20mph limit in Florence Road, you may get more support. For the record you should research how much motorcyclists do for charity and the wider community. A lot more tangible cash and research than you could imagine.

    1. Hi Scotty,
      Unfortunately, there are a number of nutcases who blast around Chichester on bikes late at night or in the very early hours of the morning with modified exhaust systems that make as much nuance to residents as possible. From the sound of these bikers, the riders may well have the charitable ambition of becoming organ donors at the earliest opportunity. I agree it is unfair to single out responsible motorcyclists for persecution, because careless car drivers are far more likely to kill or injure pedestrians, cyclists and motor-cyclists than bikers are. However, if there are a few anti social idiots making a bad name for bikers with their ridiculously noisy exhaust systems, its in every-bodies interest that the old-bill have a quiet word and encourage them to fit an MOT compliant silencer back onto their motorbikes.
      Even though these noisy late night bikers are extremely annoying, I do hope they avoid becoming organ donors too soon. I wish they’d sort out some track days as an alternative so their mums aren’t unpleasantly upset by the outcome of their needless highway heroics.
      In fairness, Sarah does often campaign for enforcement of 20MPH zones but the local authorities and police refuse to follow through with this because of lack of resources.

      1. Sir,
        This is going a bit off subject, apologies, the event itself is in theory a brilliant idea, and I did not intend to detract from it,
        but not sure how you can tell late at night or early in the morning that bikes or cars have modified exhausts or if in fact drivers and riders are mentally unhinged as you suggest. Unless you are sitting on the bypass somewhere to be able to witness this and actually qualify your statement? Sound travels much further and is un-suppressed by surrounding traffic during these hours, and if you actually check the MoT requirements (section 8.1.1) you’ll find zero mention of Db levels. It’s subjective and discretionary though as a general guide, bikes are expected to be 80 db plus 6 db for mechanical noise at a 50 kmh ride by, or at 60% of throttle stationery. Also worth noting that most bikes with original (and legal) equipment can measure way past 80 db in normal circumstances. Most Race Tracks also have limits usually at about 105db depending on location and planning restrictions (think Goodwood, though why it should not apply to light aircraft with NO silencers I have no idea-discuss!) Also note that bike exhausts have a far shorter linear run, shorter baffles and no bodywork or sound proofed compartments as cars etc to suppress more noise. Absolutely agree there are some illegal exhausts out there on bikes, cars, buses & lorries. Buses are allowed 88db by the way!! As for organ donation, we are all organ donators now by default unless you opt out. That old saying for motorcyclists being organ donors is a bit 1970’s now mate, I could say some selfish cyclists are “skin graft candidates” for the lack of protective gear worn around the body whilst cycling in the countryside at speed, sliding down a gravel laden lane and a potential drain on emergency services when suffering injuries out in the sticks. I put up with droning un-silenced light aircraft all weekend (I have measured these at around 95db at ground level) and unrelenting mowers. The noise issue is valid and a 20 blanket limit across town may help, but again, the one in Florence Road has never as far as I know been policed. How do you intend to quieten down the bypass with its supposed 60 limit? I would love to hear some real ideas that could work and be policed, you’ll have my support. Start with music blasting out of cars, loud groups of people in the park all year round and light aircraft and helicopters from Goodwood. Hope your park gig is successful and db levels are agreed and adhered to.

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