Musical Pop-up Mini Eco-fair Summer ChiCycle Events

Musical Pop-up Mini Eco-fair Summer ChiCycle Events

The Oakland’s Park Event will move date to Sunday 17th July. This is to prevent a clash with the excellent Rotary Dragon Boat Race event.
ChiCycle 2022 pop-up event dates and locations are now as follows:

  • Whyke Amphitheatre Sunday June 12th
  • Oakland’s Park Sunday July 17th
  • Florence Park Sunday August 14th
  • Brewery Field Sunday ( now cancelled) September 4th

Updated documents relating to these changes of dates are available on the links immediately below

2022-ChiCycle-pop-up event proposal-V3




Original Post

With the objective of promoting walking, cycling and active travel, ChiCycle plan to hold four musical pop-up mini eco-fair events this summer. These events will include performances from an eclectic mix of local music acts and provide opportunities for other environmental groups and political parties, to run small stalls promoting their plans for achieving stainable living.

Need for motor vehicle dependency will be eliminated at the events by having all equipment and musical instruments brought to venues using active modes of transport (such as cargo trikes/bikes).

These musical pop-up eco-fairs will be advertised as family events that people can easily reach on foot or by bike.

ChiCycle are liaising with Richard Turnbull of Chichester Cycling Without Age to allow any mobility impaired attendees to catch convenient rides to and from the events by trishaw.

We aim to locate all event venues within reasonably walkable distance of public loos. The cost of providing portable toilets would be prohibitively expensive for a small community run project and it is important we can maintain comfort for everyone in the audience.

ChiCycle 2022 pop-up event dates and locations are as follows:

  • Whyke Amphitheatre Sunday June 12th
  • Oakland’s Park Sunday July 3rd
  • Florence Park Sunday August 7th
  • Brewery Field Sunday September 4th

Performances will begin at 2pm and finish at 4 pm for all four events.

PDF documents relating to the events are available below:

Performers for first Whyke Amphitheatre Event on Sunday June 12th

More details to follow shortly about, Savannah, Stuart Morris and Tom Janus

Pop-Up PA Sound System

ChiCycle are liaising with Richard Lanchester of Soundscape Solar Stage who is developing a pop-up mini music stage that can be shoehorned inside a Christiana Cargo Trike. Richard’s pop-up stage uses e-bike technology to store solar and/or bike powered energy to power musicians electronic instruments and equipment. The main body of equipment likely to be used at the music events, was tested on the 14th April 2022 and promises to reliably deliver excellent sound quality.

ChiCycle PA Equipment from Soundscape
The PA system for ChiCycle 2022 summer pop-up events was fully bench tested on 14th April

The silver box in the image centre is powered by the e-bike battery pack on the right. It amplifies the signal from the mixer in order to power the speakers. The silver box also contains a power converter to provide the power needed for the mixer. Because all this equipment conveniently fits into a cargo bike and does not require mains electricity, ChiCycle can now easily put on amplified music events virtually anywhere within the Chichester district.

Musicians can plug their equipment into our versatile but bog standard Yamaha MG 10 mixer (click link for MG 10 user manual). We will also have a pair of Shure SM58 microphones available if acoustic performers require amplification.

The Soundscape-Solar/ChiCycle PA system will be first tested at a public event at the Queen Elizabeth Country Park on the 23rd April 2022 for the launch of the environmental artist’ Mark Antony Haden Ford’s Giants Head Sculpture in the South Downs National Park.

Magical sculpture inspired by local legend takes shape in woodland 


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