July Big Picnic Graced by Lucky Break in the Weather

July Big Picnic Graced by Lucky Break in the Weather

Government guidelines restricted the number of people able to attend but nonetheless we still held an enjoyable picnic event and everyone enjoyed meeting up for an outdoor event.

Torrential rain cleared up just in time for people to ride to the event in dry (ish) weather. Light drizzle at the beginning of the picnic soon cleared up as more people arrived.

Picnickers enjoyed attempting to ride Adam Bells challenge bike where the steering, breaks and pedals all work the opposite way around to a standard bike. I managed to ride about 50cm length before completely loosing balance. Several people manage to ride almost a whole metre.

People arrived with all shapes and sizes of trailers, scooters, bikes, and cargo-trikes. You may spot a home built Moulton tandem conversion in the gallery of picnic images. We had 18 people in total attend and a dog. It was fun taking part in the Chichester Festival with our Big Picnic event.


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