Harry Nix started this petition to Chichester council

Harry Nix started this petition to Chichester council

This is an independent initiative started by Harry but he is entirely correct about the safety issues and problems for cyclists. Our recommendation is for people to support him by signing his change.org petition available here.

Improve St Pancras / Needlemakers (A285), Chichester for cyclists & pedestrians

Problem: The road (A285, Chichester) is heavily used by many (individuals & businesses) to get in and out of the centre of Chichester. It’s currently dangerous for cyclists & pedestrians due to the amount of traffic, speeding vehicles and the condition of the road surface.

Solution: The councils (WSCC & Parish) should invest some of the available government funding (see link below) to: 
  1 – Drop the speed limit to 20mph on the A285 (as has been done in many places in London with the ’20 in 2020’ campaign to promote cycling/walking); 
  2 – Install an automatic speed enforcement solution to alert/slow down speeding vehicles. Either speed cameras (average speed solution seems best from trials in Brighton) or VAS (Vehicle Activated Signs); 
  3 – Resurface the road so cyclists & scooters can safely use the road (along with slower traffic) rather than the pavements.

These actions will make this road safer for pedestrians and cyclists, encouraging walking and cycling over the use of cars.

Please help by signing my petition to show your support to improve this road for pedestrians & cyclists. Using some of Chichester’s share of the 2bn government funding.

Details of the government funding that could be used for this are here.: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/2-billion-package-to-create-new-era-for-cycling-and-walking

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