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  1. We need a survey to measure how many people are encouraged to switch from driving (or using public transport) to cycling as a result of these ‘pop up’ cycleways. I have seen virtually no cyclists using them so far and anticipate that there will be even fewer once the weather changes and we head towards autumn and winter. This scheme has caused traffic chaos and long traffic jams, and it will only get worse when the schools re-open in September. The sooner these ‘pop ups’ are removed the better, for everyone.

    1. Hi Louise,
      Many of the Pop Up cycle ways are not yet open to cycle traffic. It will take a little time for cyclists to discover when the scheme is complete and they need to develop the habit of using the new provision.
      It seems a little unfair to criticise lack of use before the scheme is completed. We are a little frustrated about the time it is taken to get the scheme completed ourselves.
      Even if your situation makes using a bicycle impractical, every other person switching to cycling is removing motor traffic which will help ease congestion for everyone.
      I cycle to work every day and a short ride is OK in the winter (if you have gloves). A coat can keep the cold out but being crushed under a car is the fear that puts most people off cycling.
      Most of Europe seems to be a long way ahead of the UK in town planning and their schemes encourage walking and cycling while allowing appropriate use of motor-vehicles to operate in parallel. Until we catch up with our continental cousins I fear are roads will remain inconvenient for pedestrians, motorists and cyclists alike. ChiCycle are not eager for their removal but would like improvements that help benefit all our road/walkway users.

    2. This is totally disproportionate. I both cycle and drive in Chi. In fact more occasion on the bike, but this initiative does not have my support.
      I rarely see a cycle within the marked lanes, yet note the traffic jams they cause particularly approaching the New Park Rd /Spiral fields Rd junction.
      I am all for making the town more cycle friendly, for me and for others, but this is not the way!

  2. Can someone please urge WSCC to complete the works asap as the negative comments from non cyclists will grow louder the longer they remain in situ without any visible users. I have already used some of the route unaware at the time that it was not yet finished and confused about how exactly I should use it.

  3. I am a regular commuter by cycle from Emsworth into Chichester and have found both the A259 and the ring road in the past to be so dangerous that I now cycle a longer route to avoid them completely. When I heard about the pop up lanes I thought I would give them a try. Unfortunately the main problems with right of way on the roundercuts has not been resolved and new problems have been created. The exit from the pop up lane into Spitalfields road is very narrow and very dangerous. I also cannot turn right at the roundabout without moving back into the traffic lane? I absolutely support improvements to cycle lanes but this is a spectacular failure. I have switched back to the back streets around the north of the city.

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