Sunday PopUp Cycle-Way Tryout

Sunday PopUp Cycle-Way Tryout

ChiCycle are interested to hear what local cyclists and residents think of the Chichester PopUp Cycle Scheme. This Sunday 16th August evening at 5pm, we intend meeting up at Northgate car park near the Tennis Club. We advise anyone wishing to join us with a bicycle to wear a day-glow vest and a cycle helmet.

People may wish to try out the scheme for the first 20 to 30 minutes to develop initial impressions and so we can get some photos/video of people in the community using it. Please take a safety first approach and note it is not our intention for this to be a group ride where we all go around at once. It would be better if people try it out as individuals or in small family groups.

It would be helpful if some people could take photos and/or videos that they can share with us. It will be very helpful to have a media archive of people using the scheme for future ChiCycle publicity material.

At around 5:30 we hope to make some short video interviews to catch peoples first impressions of the PopUp cycle-way.

If you are a pedestrian or a motorist you will also be most welcome to tell us what you think. It will be best to bring a face mask and hand gel and please maintain a safe distance from others.

Sarah Sharp believes WSCC are doing the right thing relocating road space currently dedicated to motor-vehicles by changing its use for walking and cycling. She recommends viewing Mikael Colville Andersen’s work on arrogance of space available on the following videos and links. The Arrogance of Space
The Arrogance of Space Mapping Tool

3 thoughts on “Sunday PopUp Cycle-Way Tryout

  1. I used it this morning to go from Broyle road to Spitalfield Lane. Very good but how would I get round to New Park Road without either dodging cars or bollards. I’d be happy to chance it with the cars but many wouldn’t and as the cars have already lost a lane, I’m not sure they would be too happy!
    Brilliant idea, just a few little tweaks needed.

  2. A comment ChiCycle received on 12th August by email.

    Just to let you know we use the Northgate roundabout as pedestrians and motorists most days sometimes on two return trips to Goodwood and have yet to see a cyclist using the new pop up cycle lane! They are still using the pavement and footpaths across the parks! These are still safer so I cannot blame them but the new system is quite dangerous and confusing for motorists! We haven’t used it in the evenings but I imagine it must’ve even more confusing at busy rush hour times and will have even longer queues.I’m sending this as I won’t be able to attend the meeting this Sunday evening .Robin

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