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Concern over Junction Design for Cycling on the White House Farm Development

ChiCycle enjoyed positive news from White House Farm development. We have receive written assurance that traffic using the shared use cycle track running adjacent to the developments spine road, will have continuous priority over motor-vehicle traffic that crosses the shared use cycle track.

On the 17th Dec 2020 the developers representatives stated

Firstly, as noted at the recent stakeholder briefing, pedestrians and cyclists will have priority at all junctions between the spine road and adjoining roads. This will be the subject of detailed discussions with West Sussex County Council (WSCC) regarding the range of highway matters and will inform the technical layout and design of the roads.

However, plans for the parcel of housing 6H (20/03108/REM) show a junction that does not appear to give right of way to cyclists. It looks unlikely that the geometry of this junction would allow drivers to safely give way to cyclists who are using the cycle track. Drivers emerging from this junctions seem likely to lack adequate visibility of the traffic travelling on the spine road main axis carriageway (visibility criteria is outlined in DfT visibility splay safety regulations).

The junction of concern is shown on the planning document 20_03108_REM-PLANNING_LAYOUT__A1_-3095640.pdf. It is shown highlighted by the red ellipse in the snippet taken from the plan in the image shown below.

junction of concern in parcel 6H
Junction in parcel 6H that is of concern is highlighted within the red ellipse

This junction is at the Southern end of the spine road section that is being built as part of the first phase (Phase 1) of this housing development. The developers plan highlights that the spine road will be continued further south as part of Phase 2. Indeed, the developers have promised the local authorities they will continue (and open to construction traffic) the southern Phase 2 section of the spine road by completion of the 125 house in the first phase of development (Phase 1)!

The junction of concern does not show a raised platform giving cyclists priority where the side road crosses the cycle track. A more detailed view of this junction is shown in the image below. The spine road’s cycle track is highlighted with a purple dashed line.

6H Junction shows no priority for cyclists
This plan for a junction in parcel 6H shows no raised table to give priority for cyclists using the cycle track!

ChiCycle have created a drawing of this junction including a table platform for allowing cyclists to maintain priority while using the cycle track. This drawing highlights that there are road safety splay line visibility concerns at this junction. The Chicycle drawing of this junction with a table platform included is shown below.

ChiCycle Visibility Splay Analysis of parcel 6H junction on the  WHF spine road

ChiCycle Visibility Splay Analysis of parcel 6H junction on the  WHF spine road
ChiCycle Visibility Splay Analysis of parcel 6H junction on the  WHF spine road

Chicycle recommend that the highway design for the White House Farm spine road should be revised to comply with national highway standards for motor-vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians.

The cycle provision on the spine road does not currently meet the effective width DfT guidelines for shared use paths that have been in place for the previous 13 years! I remains unclear how additional width will be provided at bus stops and pedestrian crossings. The only remaining option to achieve DfT standards compliant standards for walking and cycling may now be to make the spine road a single one way lane. It is difficult to imagine how else additional width could be found to allow bus stops and pedestrian crossings.

Written on behalf of ChiCycle by Mark Record

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