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ChEmRoute Vision

Join our Campaign to achieve the ChEmRoute Vision

What we are demanding:

  • Safe and convenient cycle-way all the way from Emsworth to Chichester (and back again)
  • Entire route to meet or surpass DfT Cycle infrastructure design standards (LTN 2/08)
  • Direct route following the A259 that does not needlessly meander
  • Suitable for commuters to ride with a safe but fast 20 Mph design speed
  • Cycle lane segregated from motor vehicles unless running in a Twenty is Plenty zone
  • Continuous route without any gaps where the cycle-way mysteriously disappears
  • The ChEmRoute design will not share pavements with pedestrians in Emsworth, Southborne, Nutborne, Bosham, Fishbourne or Chichester
  • Cycle-way to have priority right of way over traffic from all side roads
  • Continuous route without gaps where the cycle-way mysteriously disappears
  • No sprung gates, chicanes or barriers to stop easy continuous cycling
  • No new bizarre zig zags at Bishop Luffa School where the route inconveniently doubles back on itself
  • No diversion forcing cyclists onto the pavement to ride up Sherbourne Rd to join an awkward crossing shared with pedestrians. 

Write to one, several or all of our local councillors and tell them you want the ChEmRoute Vision to be made reality.

councillor name email
Clare Apel C.Apel@chichestercity.gov.uk
John-Henry Bowden j.bowden@chichestercity.gov.uk
Richard Plowman r.plowman@chichestercity.gov.uk
Sarah Sharp s.sharp@chichestercity.gov.uk
Heather Barrie h.barrie@chichestercity.gov.uk
Tony Dignum t.dignum@chichestercity.gov.uk
Kevin Hughes k.hughes@chichestercity.gov.uk
John Hughes j.hughes@chichestercity.gov.uk
Sarah Lishman s.lishman@chichestercity.gov.uk
Martyn Bell m.bell@chichestercity.gov.uk
Louise Goldsmith louise.goldsmith@westsussex.gov.uk
Simon J Oakley simon.oakley@westsussex.gov.uk
Jamie Fitzjohn jamie.fitzjohn@westsussex.gov.uk
Jeremy Hunt jeremy.hunt@westsussex.gov.uk
Jonathan Brown jbrown@chichester.gov.uk
Adrian G F Moss amoss@chichester.gov.uk
Tracie Bangert tbangert@chichester.gov.uk
Kate O’Kelly kokelly@chichester.gov.uk
Roy Briscoe rbriscoe@chichester.gov.uk
Penny Plant pplant@chichester.gov.uk
David Rodgers drodgers@chichester.gov.uk

To get more involved with our campaign please send us an email to chemroute@chicycle.co.uk

Please report any defects with the cycleway to West Sussex Highways using the following link https://www.westsussex.gov.uk/roads-and-travel/make-an-enquiry-about-a-road-or-pavement/

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