Benefit Gig for Maydayday Action Group at the Woolpack Inn 13th January

Benefit Gig for Maydayday Action Group at the Woolpack Inn 13th January

Andy Sargent of the Mayday Action Group has kindly invited ChiCycle supporters to the Mayday Action Group benefit gig at the Woolpack Inn 13th January starting at 8pm. Entrance is free but donations will support the Mayday Action Group.

Why not join the audience and enjoy the gig that is sure to brighten up a winters Friday evening?

Mayday Action Group are concerned housing development along the West Sussex coast is rapidly going ahead without adequate planning for essential infrastructure. Sewage and transport infrastructure are already inadequate in our area! The situation will only worsen as vast numbers of new houses are built without necessary sewage treatment plants or provision for people to take public transport, walk and/or cycle to avoid the local population being forced into car dependency.

There is substantial overlap between the concerns of the Mayday Action Group and ChiCycle.

The flyer for the event is shown below:

A PDF copy of the flyer is available here.

Andy Sergent’s original email inviting us to join the event is below the horizontal line.

Happy cycling in the New Year,

Mark Record (on behalf of ChiCycle)

Hello Mark and ChiCycle Members,

Happy New Year Mark and thank you for your support on the Cut the Crap event last November 26.

The musicians (Laurence and Stuart) who played outside the Woolpack that day have very kindly offered to play a Benefit Gig for Maydayday Action Group at the Woolpack Inn, Fishbourne on this Friday, 13 January 13th at 8pm. It is free entry, and we will be coming round with a bucket for donations.

Below are two promotion posters from the musicians, you can find examples of their music on YouTube. They play in pubs to the east of Chichester normally.

You are all very welcome, and please invite your friends and family.

You are also welcome to put the posters on Facebook.

The poster went on the Mayday Action Group Facebook page on Saturday.

If you would like to know more, get in touch with me, or go to our Facebook page.

Kind regards,
Andy Sargent

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