Road Space Audit updates

Road Space Audit updates

Friday 1st March sees the start of the consultation into parking on our city streets.

There will be an exhibition on Friday and Saturday in the City Council, North Street from 10 am – 4 pm as well as on 20th March. There will be one chance to get to the exhibition in the evening in Swanfield Community Centre 2-8 pm on 25th March.

The consultation will go live on Friday too.…/chichester-propose…/

It might be worth going along to find out more details as it will affect you if you drive into Chichester or if you live here and need to park on the street.

One of the downsides of charging for parking might be that we see more people wanting to pave over their front gardens with the loss of plants and drainage.

The wider aspects of the Road Space Audit have been put on the back burner, but it might be worth mentioning your support for more road space being allocated to bikes and buses and the “to not through” idea which aims to reduce traffic, or reducing the number of inner city car parks.

It might be worth asking where the monies from the charges are going.

Could they be put towards sustainable travel?

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