Last Respects for Gina McWilliam

Last Respects for Gina McWilliam

Gina McWilliam’s funeral took place on Monday 30th December. She was killed while cycling along the A259 in Fishbourne.

Gillian Turnbull has placed a small shrine for Gina McWilliam at the roadside in Fishbourne on behalf of everyone at ChiCycle.

It bears the message;
Gina, we at ChiCycle will change our road systems, in your honour, fight the battle that you would have fought to save cyclists and pedestrians.

One thought on “Last Respects for Gina McWilliam

  1. Mass Cycle Ride on 19th January at 2:00 pm Salthill Road Junction.
    First of many monthly Cycle Rides on the Sunday nearest the 20th.

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