Update on the Mayday protests on 25th to support the future of walking and cycling in the Harbour Villages

Update on the Mayday protests on 25th to support the future of walking and cycling in the Harbour Villages

Jan Davis joined the ChiCycle group and documented the protest with his photographs.

Mayday Action Group Protest 26th March Hi
These are some of the pictures I took yesterday in Chichester and Fishbourne.
Use them exactly as you like and sending the link allows others to download.
Great demonstration.
Well done.
Cheers Jan Davis

The following link for downloading the photos is available until April the 2nd


A gallery of the images is available below,

Original Post Inviting People to Join the Protest

Please join us on the 25th March when ChiCycle will be supporting the Mayday Action Group campaign.

As many of this website’s readers are likely aware, huge volumes of new development is planned in the Chichester district and in particular thousands on new houses are planned to be built around the harbour village areas. These developments are moving forwards without vital town planning. The A259 between Chichester and Emsworth is supposed to be a national cycle route! However, it already carries intolerable traffic volumes that will swell further as construction continues along this lengthy ribbon development. The traffic volume on the A259 at Hermitage is already averaging 18,000 vehicles per day but DfT guidelines for cycle infrastructure recommend cycle routes that share space with motor traffic should not carry more than 2,500 motor vehicles vehicles a day.

There are similar concerns regarding the absence of plans to build adequate sewage treatment works to process the product from the huge increase in population that the new developments will bring. Schools, surgeries and community spaces are also missing from th plans to urbanise the area.

If you wish to join ChiCycle and support this Mayday Action event, please meet us at the Chichester Market Cross at 9:30 am on the 25th March 2023. We will leave the Market Cross at around 9:45 to begin our cycle ride towards Emsworth, where we will stop in each of the Harbour villages to join the residents in protest.

Best regards an hope to see many of you on the day.

Mark Record (on behalf of ChiCycle)

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