Notes for Planning Committee on 6th May regarding 19/02584/REM

Notes for Planning Committee on 6th May regarding 19/02584/REM

Chichester Cycle Forum have several concerns over the West of Chichester Development plans. As a participant in the planning committee meeting scheduled for the 6th of May, perhaps you may be interested in viewing some of these concerns in advance.

The 19/02584/REM (Application for Sports Facility and Other Works) includes a section of the Phase 2 Southern Access Road.We feel strongly that the transport infrastructure for Phase 2 should have a Detailed Street Masterplan that is entirely agreed before permission is granted for building any part of the Southern Access Road. The DfT recommend obtaining stakeholder agreement over a comprehensive Detailed Street Masterplan for all large new developments.

The DfT Manual for Streets 2007 (page 31) explains the importance of developing a Detailed Street Masterplan for larger developments at the early design stages.

“3.6.25 Detailed masterplans are likely to be needed for schemes at the higher end of the scale in terms of size and complexity. For relatively simple proposals, a detailed scheme layout is all that is likely to be needed. Guidance on the masterplanning process is given in Creating Successful Masterplans: A Guide for Clients.”
“3.6.26 It is important when preparing a detailed masterplan, that all of the critical features which impact on the efficiency and quality of the development – and which cannot be changed once it is built – are carefully considered”

There is significant anxiety in the local community that the Southern Acess Road is being implemented in jigsaw like pieces without adequate consultation. There is justifyable concern that this road will continue to be extended until it severs walking and cycling routes like Centurion Way, the National South Coast Cycle Route (ChEmRoute) and walking cycling provision between Chichester City and Tesco Supermarket.

Indeed, the Friends of Centurion Way have collected a petition of around 1000 names from people who wish to minimise the impact of development plans on Centurion Way and its vital links into our city. This community group has been Campaigning for over 30 Months in order to reach a satisfactory solution.

Our recommendation is that the entire length of the Southern Access Road should be built to meet current West Sussex County Council design guidelines by including “stepped cycle tracks” along each side of the spine road.

Many thanks for all your work with local planning matters,

Please feel free to contact Ian Sumnall on 01243 514503, Mark Record 01242 781445 if you would like to discuss any of these matters.

Mark Record (on behalf of the Chichester Cycle Forum)