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Finding your way around West of Chichester Plans

There is an overview map of which parcel of land is which here

approved phasing plan-pdf

Approved Phasing Plan


5F 20/01046/REM
P1 northern spine & sang 19/02128/DOC overview


overview Phase 1 19/00178/DOC
Outline planning application with all matters reserved 14/04301/OUT
2A 19/01134/REM
2B 19/01531/REM
2B 19/02424/REM
3D 19/02626/REM
3C 19/02819/REM
3C 19/03122/REM
3E 19/03146/REM
Sang and Phase 1 Cycle Plan 18/01587/REM

Cycle Strategy Phaze 1

Sports Facility 19_02128_DOC-LIGHTING_LAYOUT